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Untitled: As promised.

[( 6 )] : Personal Explorations in Photography ended its run at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, on August 1st. As promised I have compiled the comments from those who collaborated on both the online and the gallery project ‘Untitled’ and present them here on my website for you to peruse and consider.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt and grateful THANKS to every person that took the time to respond to my work. From the one word comment or drawing to the song title, poem or essay, each one of you gave me insight both into your life experience and how you view the built environment, both in itself and also through my photographs. This has made my photographs come to life in many different and unexpected ways.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the multiple and varied responses as much as I have.

The project is ‘Untitled’ on this website:


If you couldn’t get to Bank Street Arts you can see some installation photographs and the individual works (through the blurb link) as well as contact info for all [( 6 )] photographers here:


Again, Thanks.