November 2018

3 days of animal interaction

November 08, 2018

Looking through my images I came across these three : animals and people interacting. I thought it would make a nice end to the week of portraits.

TanyaAhmedNoelFullerton Camel (unknown name) with Noel Fullerton

TanyaAhmedTerri Thor with Terri

TanyaAhmedShanie Shanie with Teddy

Portrait week

November 01, 2018

I’ve decided it’s portrait week!
My portrait of Mark is up on the wall of the Blackbox Gallery in Oregon starting today.
(And here!)
For the next 6 days, I’ll dig out an environmental portrait that I haven’t shown before and post it. I hope you’ll stop back here to check them out!

TanyaAhmedM Mark, Stockwell, London

TanyaAhmedC Colleen, Hells Kitchen, NYC

TanyaAhmedDDJ Donald, Joy, Dave, South Australia

TanyaAhmedAA A & A, East Harlem, NYC

TanyaAhmedJ Justine, Brighton

TanyaAhmedJI Janice & Ian, Bracknell

TanyaAhmedA Ahmed, East Village, NYC