Reading College is 60… SAVE THE DATE…

Nov 08, 2015

… they are having an OPEN EVENING on Wednesday November 11th from 5- 7.30pm

The college has undergone a few mergers and name changes since it was opened and visited by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 60 years ago, but the buildings are still essentially the same as I remember them.

Yes, I went there to become a photographer! I went to Berkshire College of Art and Reading Tech, as Reading College was known then 30 years ago (!). I was back in the neighborhood too this summer with the exhibition Reading: A Start & A Return.

During the exhibition I had the good fortune to meet with Dot, Federica, Jamie and Joycelyn who work at the college. They kindly arranged to host, as part of the 60th anniversary celebration a new (and so far unseen) series of photographs, that I took in the streets behind the college this summer. The photographs have been up since October 23rd but so far only those attending the college, or the celebration event that day, have been able to see them.

That is about to change though. On the evening of Wednesday 11th November from 5 – 7.30pm, the doors of the college will open to the wider community. Everyone will be able to enter the college, find out about their programs, meet their students and faculty and see my newest set of photographs- Gated Community.

I’d like to invite you to take a look.
Reading college, Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4HJ, UK.
Wednesday 11th November 5pm – 7.30pm.

OPEN EVENING LINK (you don’t have to sign up)


P.S. Why not take your camera and send me a postcard sized image of those very same streets while you are visiting the college- take a flash or torch with you- it’ll be dark! (or go early to take a wander around before the open evening.) You can find the info on my Reading Postcards project HERE (camera or cell phone – everyone welcome to participate regardless of skill level)

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