After Gursky Rhein II in concrete

May 30, 2021

In 2011 Andreas Gursky’s Rhein II (1999) sold for $4,338,500

In 2021 I saw Gursky’s image like a vision in front of me but made of concrete in The Bronx
Of course there were a few extra elements and no river.
So just like Gursky did with his image, digitally altering the image to leave out the elements that bothered him, I digitally altered my photo so my vision of ‘After Andreas Gursky Rhein II in concrete’ becomes clear to you.

Maybe my original photo is more interesting as ‘a Gursky lurking within the scene’, but well, either way, if anyone would like to send me $4million for the three teeny tiny cell phone images that comprise ‘After Gursky Rhein II in concrete’, please just get in touch (pronto!)





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