Mar 02, 2015

The 2014 International Photography Awards were announced November 2nd 2014, seems I missed the announcement somehow – but better late than never!

My ‘Office’ Series was awarded an honorable mention in the category of Professional: Architecture, Interiors.

It’ll take a bit of scrolling but you can the series here… http://www.photoawards.com/winner/hmention.php?compName=IPA%202014&level=pro

There are some great photographs on that page, but if you don’t have time for scrolling here is Office

TanyaAhmedOffice-6 TanyaAhmedOffice-5 TanyaAhmedOffice-2 TanyaAhmedOffice-4 TanyaAhmedOffice-1 TanyaAhmedOffice-3

Also whilst I am at it- here are screen grabs from 2012 that I forgot to add to my blog!
IPA – One Shot. Honourable mentions for Inside, Outside and Inbetween.

IPA one shot spaces 2012Spaces - IPA outside 2012IPA spaces - inbetween 2012


IPA one shot spaces 2012 Spaces - IPA outside 2012 IPA spaces - inbetween 2012

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