A Structure of Significance.

Nov 25, 2015

It seems such an unassuming building tucked behind a small parade of shops but, its importance to me is beyond measure. It’s a building that I frequented regularly as a child. It’s the place I had an epiphany that put me on the path I continue to tread today.

I remember the event clearly. Back then the building housed the library. I was sitting on the floor researching a career in journalism. In one of the books I chanced on a chapter about photography. That was it. In that moment, in that building, my future identity as a photographer was set in motion.

Thank you Balsall Common Library!

The significant structure – the building that was the Library.

The building the library is currently housed in.

Support your local library. Libraries open up the world.

What brought up this subject? This Siott Gallery Interview

4 thoughts on “A Structure of Significance.

  1. Amanda

    Thank you for the lovely comments about the library. It makes a rewarding job even more worth while when I hear about the impact the library has on customers.

  2. Tanya Ahmed Post author

    Catherine, this was my 2nd library. I remember all of them, such vital institutions. I’m glad to hear you love the library too 🙂


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