On now and almost on…

The private view for [( 6 )} : Personal Explorations in Photography has taken place and in the next few days I hope to share some photographs and links as people talk about the experience. This is only the beginning though as the exhibition runs until August 1st so still plenty of time to go and visit both the work and on specific days some of the photographers who will be hanging out in the galleries at Bank Street Arts. You can keep an eye on things over on twitter using the hashtag #6scapes

Back here in New York Aperture is gearing up for its 1st Annual Summer Open exhibition which is due to open on Thursday July 17th, a week from now.

860 photographers submitted work and 96 photographers’ had their photographs selected. Each photographer is to be represented by one single print on the wall of the Aperture gallery (including mine) A chosen third of those photographers will also have ten of their images projected. (not me!)

You can read about the selection chosen by Chris Boot the Executive Director of Aperture  here


and see the opening reception info here





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