July 2015

ˈfōtō ˈfôrtˌnīt frīdē

July 30, 2015

Photo walking around East Reading.
Looking with eyes 30 years older, but still finding some spots easily recognizable!

Telephone 1985, and July 26 & 29th 2015

Reading TelephoneTanyaAhmed

If you’re in Reading meet me at the Turbine House on Saturday at 8am (details at Reading: A Start & A Return) for my next photo walk. Can’t make the walk – send me your postcard size images of Reading to be included in the pop up exhibition Aug 8.(details at Reading: A Start & A Return)

Reading: A Start & A Return

July 24, 2015

A Homecoming 30 Years in the Making.

Finally the day has come, Richard Pinches, Dave Willis, Peter Cole, Darran Gough and I are ready for our reunion exhibition.

See you between 10am and 6pm from tomorrow until August 8th!

http://readingreturn.weebly.comGeneral Flyer

fōtō ˈfôrtˌnīt frīdē

July 17, 2015

Another blast from the past, the setting sun falls on Electra Craft West 43rd Street in the late 1980s.


ˈfōtō ˈfôrtˌnīt frīdē

July 05, 2015

The sunlight bouncing off the silver colored scaffolding on 99th Street caught my attention this morning – so a new one to add to the collection!

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