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fōtō ˈfôrtˌnīt frīdē

This week’s photograph is from 57th street between Fifth and Madison. I was sitting with a friend in the open-to-the-public interior courtyard of a Trump building.

As with many things in New York City, once you stop moving you start noticing. Accompanied by the chirps of birds flying between the indoor, covered trees, sparrows, as it turned out, I looked towards one of the entrances.

Looking east towards Madison Avenue I noticed a visual confusion. The walls and ceiling so shiny that the street view was inverted and reflected inside the courtyard space.

I’m still transfixed!


ˈfōtō ˈfôrtˌnīt frīdē

Erdil’s Tailoring, 87th between Lex and 3rd.

I just happened to be walking down 87th Street, it was blazing hot in a glaring sun kind of way but as I walked past this bleached-by-the-sun-wall something pulled me beyond the shapes, textures and colours of the building. Something drew me to look in. There he was, sitting at a table, a small lamp illuminating the material he was working with. Such a tiny light  and a man quiet and totally absorbed in his stitching. This scene shone right out of the shop, brighter somehow than the daylight.


East 100th Street

East 100th Street

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