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Oh That View!

It is not something I usually do.

I usually prefer the local and the intimate.

But, it had to be done.

I bounced over the Squibb Park Bridge.

And joined the throngs of tourists.

Claimed my spot.

Set up my tripod.

Only half over the barrier.

Not as foolhardy as others; risking a camera/tripod dip in the East River.

Ready to take the twilight picture.

The same one everyone else was waiting and lined up for.

That quintessential view of the New York City skyline.


There is nothing of my day to day life in this photograph.

It is just a spectacle that attracts me.

A glorious one that I pass by, in a car, not on foot.

Many times I wanted to stop and look at the view.

So this day I did.

Photographing it for posterity.


Far left is the Statue of Liberty.

Far right, hiding behind the Brooklyn Bridge, are the Empire State and Chrysler buildings.

I work at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, but you can’t see where I live.