On View TODAY “Reasserted”.

February 03, 2019


1st Avenue at 78th Street, NYC from now until it lasts!

“Art is not about objects of high monetary exchange. It’s about reasserting our firsthand experience in present time” (Antony Gormley)

TanyaAhmed-1-Gone 2015

TanyaAhmed-2-Gone 2019

Three photographers out too early in the morning with their mad projects!

During the day…TanyaAhmedFromBus
From the M15

3 days of animal interaction

November 08, 2018

Looking through my images I came across these three : animals and people interacting. I thought it would make a nice end to the week of portraits.

TanyaAhmedNoelFullerton Camel (unknown name) with Noel Fullerton

TanyaAhmedTerri Thor with Terri

TanyaAhmedShanie Shanie with Teddy