Throwback Thursday… on a Tuesday!

Jul 08, 2014

With the much anticipated opening of [( 6 )] : Personal Explorations in Photography at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield on WEDNESDAY 9th JULY (Yes, this Wednesday) I had a look back at my last 2 exhibitions in this marvelous space.

Two years ago I took over three of the galleries and a window with photographs from my East 100th Street project. This time I’ll have only one of those same galleries but still I hope it will be an impactful experience. Then I had black and white photographs plus two videos, one in black and white, the other, the Marathon, in color. This time, I just have photographs and all of them are color, one fairly muted and the other quite lurid. I’m seeking collaboration with the audience too this time, and as I am exhibiting with five other photographers, Dewald Botha, Keith Greenough, Nigel Haworth, Pete Mansell and Rob™, it promises to be a very different viewing experience. it’ll be interesting to see how the audience moves around the different genres in each gallery. Whether they feel the connection between the works or see each photographer purely in their own right.

Take a look back – installation photographs and videos of the photographs for I Call This Place Home and Shades of New York at the terrific Bank Street Arts.

Then from Wednesday we move on to the new…


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