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I just had an epiphany!

Better late than never! Not long ago I was in the Aperture Summer Open, the theme of which you may remember was ”photography itself”.Do you remember the logo? Check it out at this link…


Today I remembered this work, “Image Object Friday 7 June 2013 4:33PM, 2013.” , featured in the ‘What is a Photograph’ exhibition at ICP, by the contemporary photographer Artie Vierkant. It reminded me of the Summer Open logo. I wondered whether Vierkant’s image had influenced Aperture.


Artie Vierkant’s work is all about using new technology, so that covers photography itself, that is version that is looking forward, but, contemporary photography often harks back to the processes used at the beginning, the invention of photography, which is also photography itself!

Then it hit me…

Both the Summer Open’s logo and Vierkant’s Image object could both have been inspired by ‘Three Sheets of Gauze, Crossed Obliquely  1852-1857’ (ca) by William Henry Fox Talbot, the British photography pioneer! What do you think?


Either way it got me thinking about William Henry Fox Talbot and how at the beginning of my official studying of photography (an ‘O’ level at school) I  went to Lacock Abbey and photographed the same window that Fox Talbot had done all those years before.

Next week I am starting on a 3 year part-time Master of Fine Arts and so I’m thinking about where I started with photography, the journey I am about to embark on and wondering where I will end up. For now, let’s start back at the beginning with my photograph of that window and see what develops!