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I’m with Siott Gallery!

November 13, 2015

I am excited to announce that Siott Gallery has taken me on.
AND I am their very first photographer!

When I was planning the exhibition in Reading this past summer I heard of Siott Gallery for the first time when they generously posted information on our exhibition, Reading: A Start & A Return, on their own web and social media sites.

Why did they do that? They didn’t know us, they weren’t going to make any sales from us. Based in Reading themselves, they did it because they love the arts and want to encourage more people to get involved. They also wanted to show support for fellow artists. Who wouldn’t love their ethos – Discover art you love!

I encourage you to look through the artwork on their website. Don’t feel intimidated. If you don’t know much about art why not read through their blog first. The lively articles and interviews with artists will give you a way into understanding the contemporary art scene.

But back to my photography! Rounding out the Newtown trifecta that emerged from this summer (Turbine house, Reading College and now Siott Gallery) it seems perfect that the first series of photographs that Siott gallery will feature is Gated Community. This series was photographed in the same geographical area as the museum, college and gallery. So, if you missed them at the college (although they are still up until Nov 30th if you happen to be nearby) you can see the whole series here. I hope you enjoy them.

Gated Community at Siott Gallery

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