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March 02, 2015

The 2014 International Photography Awards were announced November 2nd 2014, seems I missed the announcement somehow – but better late than never!

My ‘Office’ Series was awarded an honorable mention in the category of Professional: Architecture, Interiors.

It’ll take a bit of scrolling but you can the series here… http://www.photoawards.com/winner/hmention.php?compName=IPA%202014&level=pro

There are some great photographs on that page, but if you don’t have time for scrolling here is Office

TanyaAhmedOffice-6 TanyaAhmedOffice-5 TanyaAhmedOffice-2 TanyaAhmedOffice-4 TanyaAhmedOffice-1 TanyaAhmedOffice-3

Also whilst I am at it- here are screen grabs from 2012 that I forgot to add to my blog!
IPA – One Shot. Honourable mentions for Inside, Outside and Inbetween.

IPA one shot spaces 2012Spaces - IPA outside 2012IPA spaces - inbetween 2012


IPA one shot spaces 2012 Spaces - IPA outside 2012 IPA spaces - inbetween 2012

IPA 2013

International Photography Awards 2013

2 images were nominated in the International Photography Awards in the Professional Architecture Buildings category. (Sept 25th 2013)

New York by Gehry, 8 Spruce Street


Time Warner Center, by David Childs


9th and 10th IPA Awards

2011 and 2012 International Photography Awards Nominations Tanya Ahmed 9th Annual IPA Awards

Museum, New York City

Tanya Ahmed 10th Annual IPA Awards

Gallery, New York City