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Identity, culture, encounter, private, collective, memory, time, urban, environment, connection, roots, archive.

“The history we inhabit in buildings is no comprehensive archive; it is a patchwork of survivals, a discontinuous and evolvong collage. Still, the building, of all the varieties of artifact, represents continuity of an important kind, that of location.” (Smith, 2011)

I collect, through my photography, accumulating snippets of meaning as I investigate how the interior environment is shaped by the roles assigned by use and decor. I consider the contrast between how the exterior of the city is presented and how we receive it and live with it. Not glamorous architectural photography, Becher objective or social documentary, but a subjective, cumulative approach tying experience, culture and physical structures together.

My subject is frequently New York City, photographing the experience of physical encounter as it collides with present time, memory and mood. It’s a NY thing. “You start building your own personal New York the first time you lay eyes on it.”
(Whitehead, 2003)

Tanya Ahmed

Smith, Joel, 2011, The Life and Death of Buildings, On Photography and Time,
New Haven, Yale University Press.

Whitehead, Colson, 2003, The Colossus of New York: A City in Thirteen Parts,
New York, DoubleDAy.

I strongly recommend buying both of these books!